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Women’s fitness – for a healthy and defined body

Many women worry about mutating into a muscle package through strength training and looking less feminine. However, these worries are by no means justified, as women have less testosterone and cannot build oversized male muscles without further hormonal aids.

What is women’s fitness?

On the one hand, women’s fitness is often combined with strict diets and pink dumbbells of max. 2 kg brought. On the other hand, women who are engaged in extreme bodybuilding are associated with women’s fitness.

However, proper women’s fitness has nothing to do with one or the other. In women’s fitness it is basically about toning the body and achieving an optimal overall picture.

You can also use strength training to shape your curves and make your femininity even more visible. This trend is also reinforced by many famous actresses, singers and well-known influencers on Youtube and Instagram.

Why should women train their muscles?

The fact that men should train their muscles has long been considered undisputed. When women started taking care of their muscles, opinions were mixed. Meanwhile, women’s fitness is very well regarded in society and is part of a healthy lifestyle. Women who do fitness are perceived as more attractive and attract the eyes of men.

Defined female muscles make the body appear tighter and firmer. In addition, with more muscles, sexy curves are easier to see and make the female body more attractive.

In addition to the visual advantages, trained muscles also have many other positive effects on the organism:

Helps against cellulite

Targeted strength training is an effective treatment method for cellulite. Strong and sculpted muscles smooth out the unevenness of the skin by pressing against the weaker connective tissue.

Increases the basal metabolic rate

Muscles are the fuel of your body. Increased muscle mass leads to better metabolism and burns more calories even when resting. This means that your body burns a lot more calories after training at the best gym for ladies near me than an untrained body.

An increased basal metabolic rate has the advantage that you can consume more calories without gaining weight directly. This means that in special situations you can also enjoy high-energy food without feelings of guilt and fat deposits.

The principle is: the more muscle mass, the higher your basal metabolic rate and the more energy your body burns.

Harmonizes the hormonal balance

With increasing age, the body’s own hormone production also decreases. Strength training increases the release of growth hormones somatotropin and testosterone. In addition to building muscle, they help with fat loss. Thus, women’s fitness is extremely important to prevent weight gain in old age.

Protects against osteoporosis

Muscle training helps the body build new bone substance. Muscles are connected to bones by tendons. Because muscles contract during strength training, it puts pressure on the bones. The bones adapt to the muscles so as not to break. This forces them to build up new substance and are therefore more stable than untrained women.

Reduces the risk of dementia

According to a Swedish study, only five percent of fit participants will develop dementia over the course of 45 years, while it is a third of unsporting women. A well-functioning cardiovascular system, which can be achieved through regular exercise, in the middle years, according to researchers, could protect against dementia in the long term.

What are the differences between men’s fitness and women’s fitness?

In order to keep the body fit and healthy, both men and women have to exert themselves and train in a disciplined manner. But when it comes to building muscle, the most important difference between women and men is the hormone testosterone.

Testosterone ensures muscle growth and is responsible for greater muscle mass. Since women produce less testosterone than men, muscle building works very slowly. Men, on the other hand, have higher testosterone levels and can build three times as much muscle mass with the same training time as women.

Even if you cannot build muscle mass as quickly as a woman, strength training will help you get a toned and toned body. This means that in addition to the treadmill, you should also use other equipment in the gym. This includes many devices that are suitable for specific muscles.

The alternative to this is multi-gyms, typically found in the male-dominated sections of a gym, and are great for when you want to work your whole body but avoid going to the gym.

Women should exercise just like men and shouldn’t be afraid of heavier weights. Exhausting strength training is conducive to a lean and defined female body and does not lead to a typical bodybuilder body.

Lose weight healthily through exercise

In contrast to men, women associate their fitness with a slim body and try to achieve it in many ways. So that you get a defined and attractive body, superfluous kilos must first of all disappear. That’s why diet, endurance and strength training form the foundation for losing weight and are the only way to get fit and stay that way in the long term.


Even if you exercise regularly, you cannot lose weight without proper nutrition. In order for your body to burn fat, you need to use more calories than you eat. With lots of fruits and vegetables, lower calorie intake is easy because these foods are low in calories. To do this, you should consume enough protein and eat well-balanced.

Important: You can only lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you use.


Endurance training is not the top priority in losing weight, but it can accelerate weight loss and has positive effects on health. Endurance training consumes a lot of calories and creates a greater calorie deficit during the day.

Another advantage of endurance training is that it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and leads to greater wellbeing. After this training you can feel free and fit.


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