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What is off-site SEO and why is it essential?

If you are familiar with SEO, you have certainly already optimized your website. Most often, this involves improving the site itself and its content. This is called on-site SEO. However, you only got halfway there. Indeed, excellent SEO work consists of on-site SEO but also and above all of off-site SEO . The latter is very important, because it has always been the first criterion taken into account by Google’s algorithm to determine the ordering of results. This will remain true in 2020. It is therefore time to study the question of off-site SEO.

What is off-site SEO?

Off-site SEO is also called off-page . Quite simply, it is SEO work that is done outside of the site. These measures outside the site are fundamental. They have a great influence on the search results offered by Google. Concretely, this approach aims to improve the perception of your site by search engines. A set of factors contribute to it such as popularity, relevance, reliability but also the authority of the website.. So anything that relates in one way or another to your website influences these factors. This is the reason why we have to work with other websites, but also on social networks. This reputation that you improve allows the Google algorithm to understand that your website is a site to watch, that it is relevant and interesting. In a nutshell, off-site SEO is your credibility for Google.


Why is off-site SEO so important?

No SEO specialist knows the exact criteria of Google’s algorithm perfectly. Quite simply, because the company keeps its algorithm secret and communicates very little about all aspects of its search engine. Nevertheless, studies converge to show that the weight of off-site SEO in the decisions taken by the algorithm certainly exceeds 50% . This is particularly the case of the Moz study entitled “Search Engine Ranking Factors”. In addition, the importance Google places on this type of SEO is constant. So while the algorithm rules and ranking factors undergo regular changes, the off-site SEO weighting does not.


How to do off-site SEO?


To improve the off-page referencing of your website, several criteria related to the perception of your site must be taken into account. The backlinks or links external , but also references and confidence votes. All these terms refer to a good integration of your site in the ecosystem of the Internet.


Get backlinks

The first step in any off-site SEO strategy is getting backlinks. This term designates all the links made by other sites pointing to your site. They are important because it shows Google that we are talking about your site, that it is relevant. In SEO, we talk about the authority of the website. For this to work, you have to prioritize quality backlinks and not quantity. Well, ideally both, especially if you are in a competitive field. This means that the more authority the site that points to yours has, the greater the impact in terms of SEO.

We can count 10 main techniques to obtain backlinks:

  • PR

In addition to your SEO strategy, you have to take care of public relations. Contact influencers for example to discuss your site. Their authority is significant in terms of off-site SEO.

  • Guest Blogging

This technique involves being invited by bloggers to post content on their site on your behalf.

  • Viral content

Some content has the characteristic of quickly spreading on the Net. This viral content like infographics is ideal. Thanks to seo services provider in delhi, backlinks can be generated.

  • Contact the sites that mention you

If a site mentions your content or your activity, it is because it finds these elements interesting and relevant. So contact these sites and suggest that they link to your site.

  • Convince other sites to write an article about you

This strategy can be very effective. Contact sites with good authority. Then ask them to produce an article about your business or site.

  • Sponsored articles

Sponsored articles are articles produced on a blog for a fee. These articles and all linking strategies are involved in building backlinks.

  • Strengthen your presence on directories

Depending on your activity, make sure you are listed in the appropriate directories. Note, however, that the only directories that will produce an SEO effect are those with good organic traffic. If this is not the case, it will have no effect on your off-site SEO strategy, it will be viewed negatively by Google.

  • Take advantage of broken links

Many sites have broken links that lead nowhere. Analyze different sites. Then contact those who have these kind of broken links. Do not hesitate to suggest that they create a link to your site. This will replace the missing link.

Off-site via social networks 

Your presence on social networks is fundamental. They are full of influencers. It is also the place of trends and bad buzz. In other words, a large mass of information passes through this channel. These are the nodes that are necessary for your SEO strategy.


Google’s algorithm and social networks

Gary IIIyes in 2016 said that Google does not take social media into account for SEO. Yet many SEOs have observed a strong correlation between social signals and ranking in Google search results. It is possible that Google’s algorithm does not take social networks into account. However, indirectly, it is very likely that they influence your notoriety. By integrating share buttons on your site for example, you increase your visibility on these networks. Generally speaking, developing your authority on social media increases your chances of having backlinks and increased traffic to your website.


Set up a social media or social promotion strategy

 The ideal is to set up a strategy adapted to social networks. Thus by animating a community, by producing content, by exchanging with the public, you put on well an operation seducing the public which improves your notoriety. Then the number of mentions of your business or brand will increase. This will ultimately have beneficial effects on your SEO.

Do local SEO

More and more Internet users are accessing it via a smartphone. Consequently, the use of the internet is a moving internet made up of local searches (Google has even changed its algorithm to Mobile-First). To meet this demand, Google attempts to personalize search results based on location. This is when local SEO takes on its full meaning. If you are well referenced locally, during local requests from Internet users, you will appear very visible. Several methods help improve this type of SEO.


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