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Is it worth buying an electric motorcycle?

If you are thinking of getting an electric motorcycle, it is worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this alternative vehicle. Here we tell you what they are!

Electric motorcycles have more and more life in the market, and although their price is a little higher than that of combustion motorcycles, the rise of sustainable vehicles makes electric motorcycles an important competition, so much so that the The Government has approved the MOVALT 2018 Plan, a specific subsidy for the purchase of electric vehicles that includes this type of motorcycle.

Here we explain everything about electric motorcycles so that you can clarify all your doubts before getting one. And remember that to protect your investment, you must always have  the best motorcycle insurance . Zurich offers you basic coverages such as civil liability, travel assistance and exclusive services. Visit our pricing and find out more!


Are electric motorcycles good?

The great advantages of electric motorcycles is that they are versatile and easy to use. The process for recharging is simple, they are ecological, silent, require minimal maintenance, are comfortable to drive and offer more space to transport cargo, among other advantages.

Therefore, if you are looking for comfort and practicality while taking care of the environment, electric motorcycles are definitely for you.


What are the common problems with electric motorcycles?

Among the most common disadvantages for not buying an electric motorcycle are the times and availability of spaces for recharging, in addition to the useful life of the batteries. Other factors that are considered problematic for electric motorcycles are:

  • Finding charging points can be complicated, due to the absence of a wide network of charging points, and you have to install a charging point at home, most likely you will have to bear the costs.
  • The recharging time on an electric motorcycle is longer than the refueling time.
  • Its maximum speed is lower than that of conventional motorcycles.
  • Because they are so quiet, they can represent risks for distracted pedestrians and drivers, because people do not perceive when they approach.
  • In winter the battery loses capacity; Furthermore, this part has a limited life, only 500 complete cycles in the case of lead batteries, and between 1,000 to 2,000 complete cycles in lithium-ion batteries. The most advisable thing is to buy lithium batteries, whose prices range between 40 and 100 euros.


How do you charge an electric motorcycle?

The process is very simple, and the cost is less than filling the tank of a conventional motorcycle, it only requires connecting the charger to a stable 220 volt outlet. The downside is the time it takes to recharge, which on average takes 4 to 8 hours, depending on the capacity of the battery.

In the case of an electric scooter, it may take 8-10 hours to charge if it is fully discharged. The recommendation is always to recharge electric scooter in coimbatore before the indicator shows that it has consumed 80% of electricity.


How much electricity does an electric motorcycle consume?

The autonomy of the battery depends on factors such as the weight carried, the orography of the terrain and the way the person drives. The average consumption is 1 kW per hour.

They are usually made from 45 to 70 km with lead batteries and 500 charges (approximately 25,000 km) and between 70 and 120 km with lithium-ion batteries, from 1,000 to 2,000 charges (more than 70,000 km).


What is the maintenance of an electric motorcycle?

Due to the technical characteristics of an electric motorcycle, the cost and investment of time in maintenance are minimal. Among the advantages, the following stand out:

  • They do not require oil changes, as they have an electric motor.
  • Repairs are cleaner thanks to the absence of fuel.
  • They do not require air filters, replacement parts or coolants.
  • You only need to periodically check the condition of the wheels and brakes.

In short, is it worth buying an electric motorcycle?

Although the initial cost may be higher, long-term savings on fuel and maintenance guarantee a return on investment. These motorcycles have less risk of breakdowns, do not emit odors of fuel or polluting gases and also guarantee savings in the municipal traffic tax. As if that were not enough, they do not need warm-up times and in addition, the fairing and the structure of the motorcycle do not burn.

And you, are you already convinced to get an electric motorcycle?

Electric scooters: are they worth it or are they a fad?

electric scooters begin to flood the cities . Some people believe that they are the means of transport with the most future : sustainable, comfortable and economical. Others think it is just a fad. Who has the reason?

If you’re wondering if it’s worth buying one, read on. In this article we will try to solve all your doubts.

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Advantages of electric scooters

We summarize some of the main advantages of this very fashionable means of transport:

  1. The disbursement pays off very quickly. Although scooters are not exactly cheap, in a few months of not using the car or public transport you have made the purchase profitable.
  2. Always with you. You can go to work with it and keep it in the office or to college and drop it off in class. You can practically use it for everything. When you arrive at the destination, you fold it up and it doesn’t take up too much space.
  3. You recharge it anywhere. Any outlet is valid to recharge a scooter, so you can connect it at home or in the office and always have it ready to use.
  4. It is a sustainable means of transport. By parking your car and using this mode of transportationyou are doing the environment a favor.
  5. Cool. Yes, it’s really cool. A ride around town on a scooter before arriving at the office is the best way to unwind and start the day with a smile.


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