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Doctor, can you explain to me how laser hair removal works?

The principle is that of a beam of light absorbed by the hair and leads to the bulb which it will destroy, allowing a large area to be treated quickly.

We use the Alexandrite or Yag laser called CLASS IV, and reserved for the exclusive use of doctors.

The mode of action is that of selective photothermolysis, which consists in destroying the hair bulb, thanks to a rise in temperature above the cellular coagulation threshold, without damaging the skin.

The target, called in this field, Chromophore, is here represented by the hair dye, melanin; it will absorb the light energy of the laser which will be converted into heat, and then be destroyed.


What about light brown, red or blonde hair?

This is one of the limitations of the laser; you should know that the human eye sees brown; but the chestnut is formed of two pigments: melanin and feromelanin, but the laser is only attracted by the melanin, it does not see the feromelanin although the human eye sees the chestnut or the red. It may be that after 4 sessions, we have eliminated all the melanin pigment and we will not be able to advance in the depilation; this is one of the limits, but anyway, there will be less hairs and they will be finer.

Is laser hair removal dangerous?

Carried out by a doctor or by an assistant under his responsibility, it is a safe method, which has proven itself, while requiring precise adjustments, adapted to each patient. A hair removal laser never causes cancer.

Is laser hair removal painful?

It varies from patient to patient depending on their sensitivity. A tingling or rubber banding sensation is classic. The vast majority of patients tolerate this sensation, especially since we use a pulsed cold machine which makes the session more comfortable.

Should we take precautions for laser hair removal?

Before treatment,know v care skin treatment cost yourself from the sun in the weeks preceding laser hair removal, stopped photosensitizing drugs, and stop waxing, tweezers or depilatory cream, 3 weeks before the session laser. During this period, shaving is allowed. The area to be treated should be shaved 3 to 4 days before. After laser hair removal, a moisturizer should be applied, a total screen used, because sun exposure should be avoided. The potential risk is that of superficial burns or pigmentation disorders, rare and transient. But overall, the technique is very safe.

What should we do after a session and between 2 sessions?

After the laser hair removal session:

Twice daily applications of Biafine®, Ialuset® or Cicalfate®, as long as the redness persists (2 to 3 days).

Avoid sun exposure, especially if your skin is dark, good photoprotection is essential during the month following the treatment.

Between sessions, if regrowth bothers the patient: shaving is allowed, but no wax or pliers.


If you forget a session, do you lose the benefit of the other sessions already carried out?


The hairs already treated no longer grow back, the benefit of the previous sessions will not be lost, the regrowth will be more important during the following session.

Is laser hair removal a safe technique, are there any downsides?

Tingling sensation, heat. But thanks to the air conditioner that blows cold air, everything becomes bearable. With an efficient skin cooling system, it becomes possible to increase the effectiveness, safety and comfort of the treatment.

Slight erythema and edema are usual, without consequence.

tanning itself is no longer a contraindication thanks to the yag laser, which protects the surface of the skin and seeks the hair in depth.


On the other hand, after a laser hair removal session, avoid exposure to the sun; In the event of exposure to the sun, a total screen cream must be used, to prevent the appearance of spots on the skin.

Can we burn?


Yes, a laser does burn, but thanks to the cooler and the fact that no numbing cream is used, to feel abnormal pain, there is hardly any burning; one should not be in pain during a session, and if it happens, one looks for the cause immediately.


Is laser hair removal permanent?

The hairs destroyed by the laser do not grow back, but this epilation only concerns the so-called terminal or intermediate hairs (we can describe them as “child” hairs or in the growth phase);
On the whole body the hair cycle lasts 18 months, and it is necessary that all the hairs pass through the “child” or growth or anagen phase so that we can reach them;
the blacker and thicker the hair, the better the laser sees it;
hence a limited effectiveness on brown or light hair and down, because the hair is finer;
thus as the sessions progress, we will observe an increasingly marked depilation, and finally the depilation will be practically complete.


Can the results of laser hair removal be guaranteed?


No, the large number of variables from one patient to another and the complexity of the parameters to be used make it impossible to predict the result of the laser hair removal program. A reputable laser center makes no guarantees as to the results.


Finally will you have to plan maintenance sessions?

Eventually it may be necessary to do a session for a few hairs, the sessions will be short and economical, but this is not mandatory, in fact more frequently in men and if the patients are of a relatively young age.


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