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David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

Home Longevity David Sinclair Add-on Lsit (2019) | What he needs for anti-aging!

David Sinclair has become very popular thanks to his recent performance at the Joe Rogan Experience, especially because he raised such a hot topic as the extension of life.

But can anti-ageing be something we can consider?

Can we fight death?

No, not really. We can cope with the negative effects of ageing; we can look younger and feel better over a longer period of time.

That’s David’s promise.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging! David is a PhD, Professor of Genetics and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Aging Biology at Harvard Medical School. Mr Sinclair is a very busy man, as he is also co-founder of seven biotechnology companies and co-chairman of the editorial board of Aging.

In the latest news: Sinclair founded the Academy for Health and Life Studies together with other European and American researchers.

And though he is 50, his biological age is 31.

His anti-aging research, energy, focus and appearance can convince everyone that what he says is legitimate.

However, consult your doctor before you try anything, as all these products can disrupt existing diseases.

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What is Dr David Sinclair doing to prevent aging?

David Sinclair takes 1 gram NMN and 0.5 gram resveratrol in the morning mixed with yoghurt; studies have shown that the absorption of fat-free resveratrol is 5 times lower. No brand used by David is mentioned below. He takes the resveratrol left over from the clinical trials. He prescribed some of these molecules to mommy, daddy and even the family dogs!

Below is a list of the three longevity supplements that David takes: Resveratrol, metformin, NMN and more…

1 g NMN

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

NMN and ribozide nicotinamide increase the NAD values. (TRU NIAGEN is the best alternative to for MNM, it is considered to be more effective in increasing the level of NAD. I recommend to consider TTRU NIAGEN (nicotinamide riboside) products instead of NMM).

NAD gives your body more energy. As you get older, your cells create more NAD.

Not only do you feel more tired, but your cells can’t function normally because they don’t have the necessary energy.

As a result, David argues for an NMN supplement to raise the level of the NAD, even though there is no scientific consensus on this issue.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

David mixes his NMN with yogurt, so you need to find the powder version.

NMN Alive By Nature sublingual powder is one of the best NMN powders on the market. It is 100% natural and vegetarian, with a purity of more than 99%, GMO and gluten free.

But it is best to put it under the tongue It is thought that NMN can then enter the bloodstream directly, bypassing the liver, although this approach has not yet been fully researched.

The only drawback is that the quality of such an NMN is quite expensive, especially if Dr. Sinclair wants to take 1 g/day.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

0.5 g resveratrol

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

Remember when everyone used to play red wine? It’s because of all the resveratrol found in the grape skins.

It was thought that because grapes have this rejuvenating ingredient in their skin, people could drink red wine and live longer and healthier lives.

We now know that this is not true, because you have to drink hundreds of bottles of wine a day for resveratrol to work.

For example, concentrated additives of resveratrol have occurred. It’s controversial, but we’ll discuss it later.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging! It is important to note that has been taking resveratrol for for ten years. One of the advantages of being a scientist is that you get all that extra resveratrol in the laboratory experiments.

We plebeians have to watch the Amazon. To make sure you get a product similar to the one he uses, you can read an article published by one of his companies, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, which has tested micronized resveratrol.

Micronized resveratrol almost quadruples the level of resveratrol in the blood

According to these podcast notes of Rich Roll he recommends the micronized resveratrol RevGenetics M98. It is a legal company that has been selling resveratrol supplements since the early 2000s.

This product is micronized so that the molecules stay in the bloodstream longer.

The powder form is easy to use because you can mix it into your cocktails or yogurt.

With 98% purity and high power, the only drawback of this additive is its cost.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

Vitamin D with K2

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

Vitamins D3 and K2 contribute to a good absorption of calcium in the body. In this way, calcium can end up directly in the bones instead of blocking the arteries.

Sports research Vitamin K2 + D3 with organic coconut oil is one of the best solutions I have found.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging! Each capsule contains 5000 iu D3 vitamins and 100 mkg vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7.

Because of these concentrations, each capsule is very powerful and effective.

Don’t forget that the ARD for vitamin D3 is 600-800 microns per day, but vitamin D3 is easily excreted in the urine, so you need to follow a more intensive diet.

However, consult your doctor before taking D3 supplements, especially if you meet certain conditions.

Your doctor may prescribe 1,000 to 5,000 white blood cells per day.

However, this is an addition:

  • Effective in protecting your bones and your heart
  • It gives you an energy charge
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified vegan
  • It is obtained from high quality ingredients (vitamin D3 for lichens and vitamin K2 for chickpeas MenaQ7 for chickpeas).
  • Tapioca’s soft gelatin capsule makes it easy to swallow.
  • It is easily absorbed because it mixes with coconut oil.
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to swallow

The only swelling is possible, but that’s just a D3 effect. This sports research application is less problematic with the GI than other D3 applications on the market.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

Metformin 1g per day

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

Metformin is not a newcomer to the pharmaceutical market. Doctors and therapists have known about metformin for about 100 years and started studying it in the fifties.

Metformin, an herbal medicine, is extracted from French lilac, and is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitusbecause it can lower blood sugar levels.

Given that metformin has all the benefits and no risks, it is not surprising that it seems attractive in the fight against ageing.

All other anti-ageing agents have not been tested and have the same amount of patient data.

Can metformin fight old age?

Metformin is involved in the activation of the cellular AMPK pathway leading to it:

  • Better protein synthesis
  • Faster fat metabolism, including cholesterol synthesis
  • Acceleration of glucose metabolism including its genesis, synthesis and degradation
  • Oxidation reduction control. Controls the protein involved in cell death and survival so that good cells disappear and diseased cells can be eliminated.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Combating free radicals and oxidation is a good way to prevent various chronic diseases, including cancer.
  • Mitochondrial genesis and autophagy. Mitochondria are a source of energy for the cells, so increasing their quantity will increase your metabolism. Mitochondrial autophagy is the main control mechanism that removes unhealthy cells from your body and has an important effect in various diseases.

Metformin can improve metabolism, maintain healthy cells and eliminate unhealthy cells.

However, metformin is a prescription drug for, and most doctors prescribe it only for type 2 diabetes mellitus, not for general health and longevity.

Dr. Peter Attia writes about metformin and exercise. That’s very interesting.  Don’t take them on the same day/time as your exercise!!!!!


David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

In a podcast with Joe Rogan he says he’s been taking statins since he was 20 because his family has high cholesterol.

Statisticians are prescription drugs that… :

  • are most effective in reducing your bad cholesterol.
  • They stabilize the walls of the blood vessels and reduce the risk of a heart attack.
  • They reduce the risk of narrowing of the arteries.
  • Statisticians fight the inflammation.

Side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • muscle and joint pain
  • gastrointestinal disorders

These side effects are more common in women over 65 years of age and in people with diabetes.

Statisticians react with grapefruits that block certain enzymes that help your body metabolize statins.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

What are the benefits and dosage of NMN supplements?

Dr. Sinclair explains how NMN supplements work in Joe Rogan’s Podcast Experience.

He explains that illness and decline in age are caused by certain genes called sirens.

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a type of molecule that activates sirens, which means that NMN supplements can prevent disease, give more energy and reduce the negative effects of aging.

The NMN increases the NAD values, and sirens need the NAD to function properly.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

NAD, also known as Adenine Nicotinamide Dinucleotide, is an enzyme that stimulates your metabolism so that your cells have more energy to function and fight disease.

Humans cannot take NAD directly because it is a large molecule that is not easily metabolized. The NMN is smaller and therefore easier to absorb.

David has taken 1g NMN/day for the past three years.

Studies show that the safe dose is 1-2 g/day. Side effects may include mild gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue and mild headache.


What does David do to prevent aging?

In addition to taking all of the above products, David also fastens intermittently. He talks about it in his blog and in his book Life Cycle:. Why are we getting old and why don’t we go that we can live longer if we don’t eat too much?

He believes that old age is a disease that can be treated with food. Intermittent famine and caloric restrictions improve metabolism.

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

This way your cells have more energy to stay healthy and kill unhealthy people. Accelerated metabolism also reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, which are associated with chronic diseases.

David also practises regularly:

  • It moves several times a week with high intensity over a U-shaped storm trail.
  • Boxes.
  • Raise the cost.

David recommends sharing a sauna and cold baths to speed up metabolism and improve heart function.

What is David’s diet?

David’s diet is designed based on the principle of calorie reduction. It also avoids foods that affect metabolism and affect the glycemic index.

  • David misses one or two meals a day.
  • It keeps away from processed sugars and carbohydrates.
  • He only drinks one cup of coffee a day in the morning.
  • It limits the consumption of meat, especially red meat, because certain molecules in meat, such as trimethylamine N-oxide – TMAO, are correlated with cardiovascular problems. He also believes that a high amino acid content in meat is dangerous.
  • Sometimes he eats fish and chicken.
  • He eats all the vegetables he can find.
  • He believes that a limited amount of food affects your longevity, so he sets a limited time during the day when you can eat.
  • He likes to eat at night.

What is NAD+ and why is it important?

As mentioned earlier, NAD is an auxiliary molecule that, for example, nourishes some of the body’s most important biological processes:

  • Food metabolism
  • DNA recovery
  • Enhancement of cellular immunity
  • Stabilization of the internal clock

The level of NAD decreases with age. Very low levels of NAD correlate with Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and visual impairment.

Therefore, taking NAD precursor supplements, such as those produced by Metro Biotech, can help you age with dignity.

What is the effect of resveratrol on your body?

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!

According to David, Resveratrol presses the accelerator pedal of the sirtuin enzymes.

In the same JRE podcast mentioned above, David explains that there are many studies on mice that show resveratrol improves their health/length and prolongs their lives.

David says you need NMN for resveratrol because NMN is the fuel the sirens need. You can’t spread the sirens if they don’t have enough power to work.

Does resveratrol really work? Is it safe?

Yes, the medical consensus is that resveratrolis safe.

However, there is no consensus on how it works.

In 2006, he co-authored an article on the benefits of resveratrol.

For example, other studies have raised concerns about the effectiveness of resveratrol:

  • Studies have not found a better formulation for resveratrol tablets to optimize aspiration.
  • Claims that resveratrol can reverse the effects of ageing, cancer and obesity are far-fetched, as some studies show that resveratrol is effective, while others show that it is not.
  • David’s net worth is huge because resveratrol pills are worth $50 million a year. The promotion of resveratrol pills thus poses ethical problems.

Final reflection

There is a lack of consensus in the review of most of David’s products.

Some may even be dangerous for people with certain pre-existing conditions (e.g. kidney failure or diabetes), while others should not be mixed with certain foods (statins and grapefruit).

David Sinclair Supplements (2020) What Is Taken For Anti-Aging!Before taking any dietary supplements, always consult your doctor to find the right dose for you.

However, it is clear that David Sinclair believes in these additions.

Although he’s over 50, he’s biologically 30.

His mother, Diana Sinclair, extended his life by two decades by taking the molecules he prescribed to fight cancer after a lung was removed.

His father also accepts these molecules, and he is active and loves it like a violin at the age of 80.

So these add-ons work? This is possible, but must be adjusted by your doctor according to your needs.

More information about lifestyle changes and supplements (fasting, sleep optimization, healthy eating) can be found in the Diet Post of Dr. Rhonda Patrick.



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