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Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin: What is the Right Running Shoe for You?

Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin: What is the Right Running Shoe for You?

Looking for quality running shoes from Brooks? Then glycerine 17 and Phantom 11 should be at the top of the list.

But which one’s the best? Read on for a comparison between Brooks’ mind and glycerine flows.


Spirit of Brooks versus Glycerin

Brooks has been the number one in the United States for some time now. Believe it or not, Brooks wasn’t always into the development of sneakers. In fact, she can look back on a history of more than 100 years.

Brooks started out as a shoe company that focused on chic sports shoes and skates, if you can believe it. But over time, Brooks overtaken by the 70s trend known as Boom Run, and finished among the top three shoe companies in the United States.

Brooks is known for its high-qualityrunning shoes.

Of course, there have been a few bumps in the road, but since the mid-1990s Brooks was one of the giants in the running shoe industry. The company not only produces high-quality running shoes, but also makes them suitable for professional and novice athletes of different training levels. That’s why Brooks Running is regularly recommended as one of the favourites in the running community.

Brooks Glycerol and Brooks Ghost: Two of the most popular tokens

Maybe Brooks Glycerin and Ghost’s two best runners. When it comes to choosing the best running shoes, these two products will always be the most sought after. Brooks always raises bets with these two when it comes to technology upgrades. These two sneakers are neutral basic sneakers that offer speed, comfort and performance.

Brooks Glycerin 17 against the Ghost 11: What’s best?

Although both options are a good choice for runners, in the end you can only choose one. That’s why we’ve written this article to give you an overview of the two types of shoes and to let you know which one deserves to help you walk while offering you unparalleled comfort.

Where can I get more information about them?

We ran a complete test on both sneakers. You can see them here:

Rating of Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Glycerin 17 Revision

Comparison between alcohol and glycerine

7 factors we compared for Ghost Brooks versus glycerine

To make this comparison, we think it is fair to use only the last iterations of the phantom and the glycerine, as in 11 and 17 respectively. We will investigate the following aspects:

  • Damping technology
  • Top
  • Prices
  • Traction-ion
  • Features
  • Style
  • Comments from customers

Now, in the game, we want to discover the ghost with the Glicerine, whose running shoe will go with the gold.

#1: Brooks Glycerin damping technology versus Ghost

Depreciation is very important for running shoes. You want something that is able to properly absorb of each kick to prevent injury and fatigue.

Depreciation: Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost is the main leader in a neutral environment. Without exception, it is one of the highest quality running shoes, rented by the best professionals and beginners.

Today, one of the most talked about aspects of Brooks Ghost is the brand comfort they offer with their products. The Ghost 11 in particular uses BioMoGo DNA foam in its midsole. This damping technology adapts to the rider’s weight, pace and gradient, offering an individual running experience.

This makes the shoe cushion very comfortable and soft. The Ghost 11 was especially appreciated by the riders because they felt comfortable even over long distances and never had a shot at it.

Does this look like the right shoes? You can easily find it on the internet. Discover the lowest prices and see if it qualifies for free shipping with an Amazon Prime membership:

Depreciation: Glycerol 17

Like the Phantom, glycerine also supports the soothing properties that are characteristic of the brand. The only difference is that glycerol 17 uses a repair technology known as Super DNA. It is also an adaptable DNA foam system that is more complex than other foam carriers.

Glycerol 17 is therefore milder than Ghost 10 and generally feels better. Runners reported that the glycerine damping is smoother and offers better protection against shocks. Moreover, like the phantom, glycerine has proven that it can travel long distances.

If you think that glycerine 17 might be the right running shoe for you, you can find out more by clicking on the button below:

Brooks Glycerin 17 Revision

#2: Higher value for Ghost Brooks compared to glycerine

The upper part of the shoe is very important for several reasons. It should mainly be made of light and breathable materials. Secondly, he has to secure the legs so that they don’t slip while running.

High level network: Phantom 11 running shoes

The Ghost 11 consists of a developed upper grid, which has been the basic element of Brooks running shoes for some time now. This gauze is very airy and breathable. It wraps itself gently around the leg of the runner, without coming off as a stranglehold or discomfort. Although some screens are generally too thin to break easily, the Ghost 11 screen is as practical as it is durable.

Flatbed printing technology provides the necessary security and is generally praised for the flexibility of the outer material and the fact that it usually breaks when worn for long periods of time.

High level network: Glycerin 17 Running shoes

Unlike Ghost 11, Glycerin 17 does not have a specially designed grid on top. Instead, he uses a single breathable mesh all over his shoe. As a result, the entire upper part is made of a single material that is both soft and comfortable.

Glycerine 17 uses a stretchable three-dimensional printing material, allowing Glycerine to choose printed and elastic tampons instead of traditional structural tampons. This allows runners to move more flexibly in the shoe without having to worry about the stiff construction cushions in the middle of the foot.

#3: Price

Let’s cut to the chase. The vast majority of people think about the price when it comes to buying a pair of shoes. Let’s find out which of the two is going to make progress.

Price: Ghost 11

Although it offers high quality running shoes, Brooks never pushes customers to buy its products. Even Ghost 11, which costs just over $100 at a reasonable price, is rated as such to compete with other brands such as Nike, Adidas and Saucony.

Brooks may have placed more value on the Ghost 11 than some of the more reasonable shoe prices, we found this price reasonable because of the technology used in this product.

Of course, prices change over time, and sometimes there are sales and transactions. You can see the current prices for Ghost of Streams 11 below:

Brooks Women’s ghost 11 Running Shoes – Black/Pink/Aqua – B – 10.0

  • THE SIZE DESIGNATION : B = average width, D = large width.
  • ENGINE SUPPORT : Ideal for medium and high archers looking for neutral support.
  • BALANCED, SOFT DAMPING : BioMoGo DNA and LOFT DNA are working together to…
  • a smooth and stable ride: The segmented emergency package is designed to adapt to any fall, so it doesn’t matter what the…
  • A SMOOTH AND SAFE LANDING: The new top grille practically disappears on foot with the…

Price: Glycerol 17

Glycerine is more expensive than the ghost. The shoes have been evaluated to compete with other technologically advanced shoes such as the Nike Lunarepic. From this point of view, it makes sense to regard Brooks’ attention to the ghost as different from that of the ghost.

Glycerine is currently sold for over a hundred dollars. At the same time, prices fluctuate considerably and agreements are sometimes made, with delivery sometimes being free of charge. In the table below you will find the current price of the Brooks glycerine running shoe:


Brooks Women’s running shoes Glycerine 17 – Purple/Navi/Grey – B – 9.0

  • THE SIZE DESIGNATION : B = average width, D = wide width, 2A = narrow width.
  • FOR THIS BEAUTY: Neutral runners are obsessed with smoothness and damping. Smoother than before.
  • A SUPER SWEET DEPRECIATION: DNA LOFT gives you a feeling of softness and luxury under your feet without…
  • THE PERFECT FIT AND FEEL: The plush feel of an inner stretch boot wraps around the leg and moves around.
  • smooth transitions: The LOFT-DNA Transition Zone ensures that every movement from heel to toe is incredible.


If you are walking on other surfaces in addition to the dry surface, this is an important consideration for you.

Tractor unit : The Phantom 11

The Phantom uses a double rubber compound to give the road grip. On the sole there is a carbon rubber compound and on the front of the foot there is a common bladder rubber compound. This means that the Ghost 11 can be used in different areas of wear such as the heel and front part.

Tractor: glycerine 17

Like the Phantom, glycerine uses a double rubber compound for grip. However, glycerine characterizes the material in the midsole and a larger contact area than in the phantom.

Ghost Review 11

#5: Features Ghost Brooks 11 vs Glycerin Brooks 17

Of course, you have to consider the characteristics of each sneaker before you spend money on it, right? Here is a brief description of what you can expect from each of these shoes.

Ghost current characteristics

  • 12 mm Heel toe
  • Neutral support runner (Brooks 10 was considered a more stable shoe for hyperpronators)
  • Very long lasting cushioning, resulting in softer kicks on the feet.
  • Medium and high arc support (checkNike Lunar Glideif you need less arc support)
  • Top mesh fabric offers excellent air permeability
  • Plush tongue and collar, handy for long jobs.
  • Removable foam insole (can be used for orthopaedic structures to improve walking if necessary)
  • Removable sole with good flexibility
  • Variety of sizes

Brooks Glycerol Characteristics

  • Upper respiratory network
  • Reactive design
  • Variety of colours and styles
  • neutral sneakers
  • Maximum depreciation
  • 10 mm heel
  • 3D printing overlay for a good level of support
  • Loot Style
  • The removable insole makes them ideal for insoles.
  • Transition zone between DNA and pen
  • Rubber outsole provides excellent traction
  • Light

#6: Style for brook glycerine 17 vs Ghost 11

What you prefer is a personal question or preference. You can check at the bottom:

Spirit of the present 11


Brooks Ghost Runner 11.

Brooks Glycerin 17


Brooks Glycerine 17 for women

#7: Customer comments

What can real users of these two popular Brooks shoes say? That’s what we’re here for.

Ghost Brooks User Feedback

-> More reviews can be found here <-

I work in the healthcare sector and I have to be on my feet for up to 12 hours a day. I suffer from PI, and it is very difficult for me to find comfortable shoes that don’t hurt me terribly in the end. Fortunately I tried them on the advice of my physiotherapist and I am very happy with them. They have good arch support, excellent shock absorption and are among the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

Much lighter and more comfortable than the shoes I used to wear, I’ve been running almost every day, at about 50 miles a week for the last six months, and it’s only now that the first signs of wear are beginning to appear. I think I’m definitely gonna get six more months from them. Impressive!

I’ve been walking in Nike, New Balance and Adidas shoes for years, but lately I’ve had some injuries. I did a lot of research because I wanted to mix things up a bit. I’ve chosen Brooks Ghost Shoes and I’m really glad I did. As soon as I wore them, I knew they looked good on me. Something like cushions on my feet, and they help keep my plantar fasciitis at bay

Customer response to Brooks Glycerin

-> See additional user reviews and reviews for this shoe here<-.

Great running shoes, one of the best I’ve ever tried. I run over 50 miles a week, so you need something with good shock absorption and support, and they’re fantastic. No leg or tibia injuries, and I’ve been using them for years.

Brooks shoes have always worked well for my high arches andPlanting fasciitis. They are no exception. Good level of curved support, but not too much to be uncomfortable, as well as plenty of padding for my injuries

I have a lot of problemsin my lower back, so I have to be very careful with the shoes I wear I let the others try, but in the end I always come back to them.

Brooks glycerine is a neutral running shoe ?

The Brooks Glycerin is a neutral running shoe designed for people who don’t twist their feet when running. It has tons of shock absorbers and heel-to-wheel support, but it won’t change your running style. If you want to run for a long time at a good, easy pace, watch out for Brooks’ glycerin!

What is the difference between Brooks glycerin and adrenaline?

Adrenaline and glycerine are two very popular running shoes at Brooks. Adrenaline is a stabilizing shoe designed to correct repositioning during the race. The difference with Brooks glycerine is that it is neutral to people who don’t speak or keep their mouth shut while running. It also has a little more kisses than adrenaline.


Brooks’ glycerine against adrenaline

How many kilometres do Brooks running shoes last?

A normal, durable running shoe such as the Adrenaline Brooks can travel 300 to 500 miles. Brooks’ light, minimalist sneakers, such as the PureProject collection, have a range of 250 to 300 miles. These are approximate estimates that depend on a number of factors such as maintenance, tread style, shape, etc.


How often do you replace Brooks running shoes?

Last thoughts on Ghost Brooks vs. Glycerin Running Shoes

Overall, the Phantom and Glycerin, in their rights, are surprisingly neutral sneakers. But if we had to choose between them, it would be a ghost. This option is not only more affordable, but also suitable for both advanced and novice runners. But if you want quality, more comfort and durability, then glycerine is what you need.

Tell me about Brook’s Glycerin 17 against Phantom 11.

What is your best choice for Brooks running shoes? Looking for glycerine or a ghost? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. We’d like to hear from you.

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Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin: What is the Right Running Shoe for You?

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