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Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

Does one of the responsible employees have to lose his job because he liked the grass at the weekend party? Natural, not. But as long as the legal problems relating to drug policy in the workplace and the recreational use of cannabis are not solved, most smokers would like to cancel their urinary drug trials.

If you’re one of those enthusiasts, read on, because we’re going to talk about the best way to fool drug testing: synthetic urine. We will also try to find out which urine is the best synthetic urine on themarket. If you’re in a hurry, you can read reviews below or learn more about synthetic urine.

Improved performance of urine synthesis for laboratory tests ?

In the past, synthetic urine formulas were less sophisticated and could only be used for sex fetishes, jokes or animal protection. Due to the simplicity of the previous formulas, they were quickly detected in laboratory urine tests and were therefore not used as synthetic urine for drug testing.

During this period, many people resorted to another, less effective remedy: urine tests. They diluted their urine or bought (probably) clean urine andsets. However, in the drug laboratory tests, the validity of the samples collected before testing for illicit drugs is tested.

Currently is the best brand of synthetic urine contains all necessary ingredients such as urea and uric acid, creatine, B vitamins and various minerals

In other words, synthetic urine brands from well-known companies cannot be detected by laboratory tests. Even well-known items like Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp cannot distinguish good fake urine from real human urine.

Unfortunately, the strong demand from people who use a lot of cheap and synthetic urine will not pass the drug test.

Drug testing is constantly being improved to detect people who cheat with cheap synthetic urine kits. Therefore, only the modern formulas of the major brands should be used.

Only the best brands of synthetic urine have the right ingredients, pH value, the right proportions, specific gravity and color that can fool a drug test.

Which sets of synthetic urine should I buy?

The best sets of synthetic urine are usually sold as a premixed solution. But there is another unprecedented type of synthetic urine in powder form that requires some preparation. And although the liquid formula seems to be better than powdered urine, each type actually has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mixed synthetic urine – easy to use

The pre-mixed synthetic urine brands are supplied as a liquid solution, so you do not have to mix them on your own. These fake urine tampons are easy to use and simply heat them up to the desired temperature (90°F to 100°F).

Different brands of synthetic urine need heating pads or microwave ovens to bring the fake urine to the right temperature. Sub Solution offers a unique ability to use a heat-activating powder that raises the sample temperature to an average body temperature of 100F.

Urine powder – longer shelf life

Urine powder requires a longer preparation process as it has to be dissolved in water before use. This type of fake urine must also be heated, just like the pre-mixed marked urine. And although the preparation takes longer, urine powder has a longer shelf life thanand you can easily store in the drawer of table.

Be sure to use only of the besturine powder, as the lower markings may lead to deposits at the bottom of the container.

Sedimentation is always a clear indication of the treatment of the urine sample, which can lead to the failure of the drug test.

Whatever type of synthetic urine you use, be careful when heating it. Overheating of artificial urine can disturb the balance of the main components and make them unusable.

Urine Supplements – Perfect Tractor

Another solution we would like to mention is urine additives – chemical compounds that you mix with your real urine for a drug test. They are specifically designed to mask or neutralize drug metabolites in the urine, making them suitable for drug testing. The main reason for using urine supplement is that you can easily hide it in your pocket and be prepared for random drug tests.

Urine supplements are fairly easy and quick to prepare because they only need to be dissolved in the sample. However, despite their convenience, urine products are known to give less than perfect results. So make sure they give the best results (see below).

Investigating the best synthetic urine brands

A failed drug test can cost you a job, and the wrong synthetic urine product may be short-lived. To pass the urinary drug test and avoid the legal consequences, make sure you buy the best synthetic urine.

Only the best fake urine has the right ingredients, the right pH, the right gravity and the right color, just like real human urine, close enough together to pass the test. In this section of the article we present you some of the best brands of synthetic urine:

1. Fast Happiness – Best Synthetic Urine 2020

Quick Luck, produced by Clear Choice, is the No. 1 of the most reliable synthetic urine on the market. It contains a regularly updated formula that contains uric acid, urea, creatine and eleven other chemicals found in human urine. In addition to its chemical composition, the sample is also characterised by the right specific gravity and pH, as well as the right colour and odour, which are characteristic of human urine.

As the name suggests, Quick Luck is sold as a premixed liquid, so there is no need to mix it yourself, making it one of the safest and easiest to use urine products on the market.

  • If a random drug test is required, it is sufficient to add about one third of the thermal activation powder to the synthetic sample.
  • Shake the sample container thoroughly and check the temperature range. Once you have reached the desired temperature for the sample, you can test it with confidence.

The Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Kit contains 3 ounces of non-toxic synthetic urine containers, two Clear Choice heating pads and a sachet of heat-activating powder. You can also include a training kit with your purchase to practice preparing a sample. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it.

Thanks to its complex formula and ease of use, Quick Luck is probably the best synthetic urine product on the market. So if you need a reliable product, try Quick Luck – it won’t let you down.

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

2. Quick Repair Plus – Low cost plastic lining

If the price of Quick Luck synthetic urine has shocked you, don’t despair. Sure, the Lamborghini made from fake urine is expensive, but the good news is that the vast majority of employers only spend money on cheap drug tests. And for another big brand called Quick Fix Plus proposes these tests because steals candy from a baby, so it is best budget option.

Quick Fix is also one of the best synthetic urine brands on the market, as it is designed to calibrate urine analyzers.

  • In addition to the natural chemical compounds found in other brands of synthetic urine, Quick Fix Plus contains uric acid and urea, which give it the color and smell of real urine.
  • Spectrum Labs, the company behind Quick Fix, has been around for many years and regularly updates the formula to detect nerd drug testers.
  • The current version 6.2 of Quick Fix Plus contains all the necessary chemicals and is free of biocides, making it completely undetectable in 99% of drug tests.

Quick Fix Plus is a synthetic urine mix that comes in a microwave safe bottle for faster heating and heating. Heating strips and heating pads are also included to measure and maintain sample temperature prior to testing.

As mentioned before, Quick Fix synthetic urine was manufactured to calibrate the device, so it is almost impossible to do a drug test with this product, even some of the earlier versions of this product would work, but we still recommend using the current version.

Version 6.2 of Quick Fix Plus is one of the best, easiest and most reliable fake urine brands on the market. Don’t take risks with your personal funds – use the quick fix instead. You can read our full report on synthetic urine or buy a Quick Fix in the official store:

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

3. Clean choice partial solution – best urine powder kit

If you need synthetic urine that you can store in your desk drawer, Sub Solution is your friend. With over 13 years of success in drug testing, Sub Solution is the best urine solution. It was designed and produced by Clear Choice, the same company that made Quick Luck.

As with Quick Luck, the manufacturer regularly updates the Sub Solution formula to ensure that it cannot be detected by modern urine tests.

  • The Urine Powder Sub-Solution contains thirteen different chemicals such as urea, uric acid, and creatine, all of which are balanced to resemble the chemical composition of real urine, and contains no biocide.
  • The Synthetic Urine Secondary Solution Kit consists of two vials of urine powder and heat activator powder, a 3 oz. sample jar and a detailed manual.
  • Sub Solution has a longer lifespan, so you can keep it until you need it. In addition, a thermal activator is a quick and easy way to warm up in case of an unexpected test.

If you come across a small drug test, just mix the urine powder with hot water and add the heat activator powder. Follow the instructions provided with the product for maximum effectiveness and results. Do not use too much heat activator powder, as this may overheat the partial solution.

Like Quick Luck, when properly prepared, Sub Solution is indistinguishable from real urine and cannot be detected by drug screening instruments. Click here to read our full report on synthetic urine in Sub Solution, or buy it now in the official store:

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

4. Monkey Wizg Synthetic Urine

Also known as apenurine, this is an inexpensive powder synthetic urine kit manufactured by Serious Monkey Business, a company that makes the popular Monkey Whizz belt of synthetic urine. As you would expect from a cheap product, the bag contains only one tube of dehydrated synthetic urine. The fake Monkey Whizz urine set comes without heating and without urine bottle.

  • Monkey Whizz’s dehydrated synthetic urine contains the essential constituents of real urine, such as urea, uric acid and creatinine, and has the right pH to simulate real urine.
  • Although the powder form makes it possible to extend the shelf life, this also means that you have to mix the apenurine yourself by following simple instructions.
  • However, you can add heating pads during the test as this will keep the apenurine in the correct temperature range.

Well, the fake urine of Serious Monkey Bizziness has always been mixedreviews, so we have included this kit only as super-budget option. If you can invest a few extra dollars, we recommend you buy real urine powder Sub Solution or TestClear instead (see our report). Here is a link to the official store:

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

5. Monkey bottle synthetic urine

Although it is basically the same as the powder option above, the synthetic monkey urine vial is Company ‘s best-sellingfake urine solution. It contains the most important constituents of real urine: uric acid, urea and creatinine. The same fake urine is included in Monkey Whizz’s urine belt (see overview).

Unlike the economy version of Monkey Whizz Urine, it is a ready-to-use solution where you do not have to mix the urine yourself.

  • A monkey bottle comes in a 3.5 oz. bottle with a thermal band for easy temperature control.
  • The stove also comes with fake apenurine. Once activated, it produces heat for 8 hours, which is sufficient to maintain the correct temperature of the synthetic urine.

The price of Monkey Flask is actually very similar to Quick Fix, so we don’t see why you shouldn’t buy instead of, because it has a very good chance of success for a budget solution. But if you want to try this brand, here is a link to the official store:

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

6. SPIKE Selection of clean urine additive

What do you get when you combine 1000 hours of specialized research with the desire to cheat on a urine test? You will receive the world’s smallest urine supplement. But don’t be fooled by its size, because SPIKE is a lot of good stuff squeezed into a small package.

And if you have to take a particularly thorough drug test, you can… well, you can guess whereis. The bottle is also small enough to be hidden in the office supplies on your desk.

  • SPIKE comes in two small vials, which are used according to your toxin content. If you are a light or advanced ganja user, you can only pass with one bottle. But heavy smokers and chronic smokers should use two tubes for safety.
  • Simply pour the contents of the vials into the sample and shake gently. The chemical compounds in the additives are mixed with your urine and neutralize existing toxins within minutes.

But SPIKE has its limits. It should not be used in a cup with a built-in test strip, as it takes time to react. However, if you use a normal sample container without a built-in test strip, you can mix SPIKE safely with your sample. Here is a link to the official store:

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

How to use synthetic urine products

The use of synthetic urine products varies depending on the brand chosen. The high quality products are easy to use; heat your sample to the right temperature, keep it warm and send it for analysis. The products in Premixes are slightly more complex because they need to be dissolved in hot water followed by heating.

Well-prepared synthetic urine has a success rate for laboratory tests of 99.9% . But you have to prepare the sample well and above all bring it to the right temperature. This can be done with the supplied heating pads or with a heating activation powder.

Temperature is the first thing lab technicians check when validating a urine sample, so it is important to know how to heat the sample properly.

Without proper care, the sample may overheat quickly and its chemical composition may be destroyed.

You can also purchase and train the Clear Choice Practice Kit with synthetic urine with heating pad or powder with heat activator. The exercise set contains a 3 oz. mixing bowl, temperature strap, hot plate and thermal activation powder for your workout. Don’t worry about a synthetic urine sample, you can use water for dry running. Here is a link to the official store:

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

Do not use inappropriate synthetic urine

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with inferior brands that threaten to break through the tests. The use of these products is risky because they can easily be detected by means of laboratory tests. Ideally, your sample should be marked as treated and you should submit a new one. Worst case, , you go tobecause you faked the test.

Most of these products are available in chicken shops, local pharmacies and shops and are advertised cheaply and attractively. But don’t be fooled by marketing and low prices and avoid using these products.

Dr. Green’s Compound X is advertised as a laboratory grade sample for instrument calibration. Unfortunately, many unfortunate customers claim that advertising is false and only serves to get money out of you. If you are trying your luck with this product, make sure it arrives in your country.

Ultimate Goldis a synthetic urine that should be avoided if you need to do a drug test. Ultimate Gold is advertised as a sex fetish urine, and although it can fulfill this role, it won’t help you pass a drug test. There are no online reviews, the manufacturer’s website doesn’t exist and there are falsely advertised by external resellers.

TheP-Sure is advertised as artificial urine with a 99% chance of success, but it lacks even the most important components of the urine. P Of course, it does not contain uric acid or urea, which are the main constituents of human urine. Each laboratory determines the absence of these compounds and excludes your sample as a forgery.

Magnum Detox synthetic urine contains mainly uric acid and an abnormal concentration of creatinine. Wrong creatinine levels will undoubtedly lead to warnings during laboratory tests. Many people have left negative comments on the internet saying that they have failed the Magnum urine test.

Fast and clean Misleads people with false advertising and comments online. It’s a urinary fetish, and he can’t help you with a urine test. The list of ingredients is not made public and other product information is minimal. We strongly advise you to avoid Quick & Clean.

TheClean StreamUrine Kit contains a biocide that was normally used as a preservative in synthetic urine until its discovery. The presence of this one chemical in the net stream is an indicator of poor quality.

TheUltra Klean Ultra Pureis modestly but wrongly advertised as the best synthetic urine on the market and has an alarming success rate. The number of unsuccessful results is much higher than the number of positive results with Pure, so we strongly advise you not to use it. The price of the clinic may be cheap, but losing a job costs more.

BC Entities Field Kitis a pre-installed urinating device that appears to have been invented at the time of the invention of artificial urine. The information on the field kit is minimal, with the exception of incorrect values for the chemical properties of the urine. There is also no mention of a list of ingredients, which is always a clear indication of poor quality.

Urinary Replacement Kit is another prestretched urine strip in an archaic package design. Unfortunately, even among drug addicts, there is no information about urine number one. It makes us doubt the quality of Go number one and its efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

We have tried to answer some frequently asked questions about urine testing and the best brands of synthetic urine.

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is probably the best way to get tested for drugs and to detoxify the whole body in the long term. It is a specially formulated liquid that contains all the natural ingredients found in real human urine and simulates its properties.

Can the laboratory detect synthetic urine?

Depends on the quality of the synthetic urine. Tests cannot determine the difference between real synthetic urine and good urine. The best brands of synthetic urine presented in this article represent all the chemical compounds present in real human urine.

Synthetic urine does not work well?

Yeah, synthetic urine can be bad. In addition to the expiration date, storage conditions, exposure to oxygen and sunlight also have a negative effect on artificial urine. Poisoned urine lasts longer than pre-mixed synthetic urine.

In which countries is synthetic urine banned?

Stone throwers can rejoice as the Mississippi Urinary Problems Act (HB1080) has been swept by Senate2. This bill could set a precedent for a complete ban on fake urine.

At the time of writing, the sale of synthetic urine is banned in 18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

So expect the fake urine to be called shear-urine or something. It is therefore important to only buy good brands such as those discussed in this article.

What happens if I get caught with synthetic urine?

If your sample is marked as false or fake, you will automatically fail the drug test. Depending on where you live, this can lead to dismissal or compulsory rehabilitation. In some states, you may face more serious legal consequences.

The good brands of synthetic urine discussed in this article cannot be detected by the test, unlike poor quality urine containing biocides. But you can always be taken by a technician if the temperature is not right or if he has seen you change your urine. It is up to you to decide whether the risk of using fake urine on your site is worth the risk or whether it is better to use detoxification drinks.

How much urine is needed for a drug test?

A drug test usually requires two to four ounces of liquid urine, so most brands of synthetic urine come in three-ounce packs, which is enough to meet the requirements.

Does urine bleaching clean you?

No, it’s not. The mixture of bleach and urine is potentially dangerous to health because it releases chlorine gas that can irritate your eyes, sinuses and lungs. For drug testing, adding bleach to your urine may dilute it and mark your sample as infected. It’s best to stick with urine supplements.

Can I use animal urine for a drug test?

No, human urine has a specific chemical composition. Laboratories use gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to determine the composition of human urine, making it possible to detect even the smallest amounts of chemicals – just 0.00000001 grams. If any of the chemical components are not within the specified limits, the urine sample will be marked as falsified or invalid.


With so many options on the market, choosing of the best art urine kits is not always easy. If you choose a cheap and unreliable kit, you probably won’t pass the test. On the other hand, using the best brands of fake urine, such as Quick Fix, Quick Luck or Sub Solution, will help you pass a urine test without any problems.

If you need to do a urine test, we recommend using a fake urine tape, such as Monkey Whizz or Monkey Dong. And if you have no experience dealing with synthetic urine, you can purchase a training kit with Quick Luck or Sub Solution and come to the prepared test.

Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market – Our Reviews

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